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      7. The installation and debugging of Changsha Blower Blower Factory English version

        first:Installation and commissioning
        Fan unit should be left with enough spare space for daily inspection, maintenance and repair. The minimum distance between the fan and the wall, the fan and the fan is not less than 0.5 meters.As a blower pneumatic equipment, whether it is the work of system, or operation and routine maintenance of equipment and the possibility of the blower fan fault and must be checked. Therefore, near the blower should equipped with the corresponding lifting device.
        When the blower is installed in the room, the room should be bright enough to light, and maintain good ventilation condition, that is to say, there is enough air intake passage, the configuration of the exhaust fan. The flow rate of the inlet and outlet of the engine room is less than 4m/s, preferably 3 minutes to reach 1 minutes. The blower is arranged on the outside, should set the necessary rain and avoid simple shed sunlight. The dust and dust environment, to additional pre filtering device.
        2 Foundation
        The design of the basic requirements for the design of the professional design staff to complete the design, they considered the basis of the strength and construction process. We want to know is the installation of the blower should be the use of the two grouting method, the unit should be in the appropriate position to get a uniform support, know how to check the level of installation. Secondary grouting method is in the first filling the mold in the base set aside an appropriate size of the anchor bolt hole is reserved, the standby group correction in place, and then concrete or cement mortar the reserved hole landfill. After the concrete foundation is fully hardened, the level of the positive unit must be adjusted. Adjust the pad iron should be all cast in the foundation, in order to prevent loosening. Base surface should be flat. The level of the level of the unit after the unit

        is 0.2 ~ 1/1000, which is 0.2 to 1 mm in length. Large size unit, take small value. The method of inspection is to measure the

        level of the exposure level of the unit directly in the plane. When no level, methods can also be used to check the cable. In

        addition, when the blower is installed on the floor, the basic requirement is enough to damp, and it is best to isolate the unit.
        Elimination based installation deviation when the foundation anchor bolts center from any deviations from the unit center of the anchor bolt hole, the first is mobile anchor bolt in the preformed hole position. If the deviation is not eliminated, the will anchor bolt bending or the cut with steel reinforcement method, changing the location of anchor bolt center. The blower is in contact with the base and the base mounting plane, which is not allowed to stay in the gap. Allows the use of thin copper, aluminum sheet or asbestos board (gap hour) plus pad.
        3 piping
        The pipeline before installation shall be thoroughly cleaned in the piping rust, welding slag and other foreign bodies, so as not to cause serious accidents with cylinder.
        Flexible joint should be close to the inlet blower, outlet, not only compensates for piping installation error and reduce the air blower works vibration along the rigid pipe transfer. The double stage blower, inter stage cooler inlet and outlet should be equipped with flexible joints, the purpose of which is to reduce inter stage cooler and on to take over the vibration.
        Inlet and outlet muffler shall be in accordance with the provisions of the airflow direction, as far as possible with the blower inlet and outlet elastic joint.
        In the near the blower pipeline should be considered and arranged a vent bypass and configure the muffler, or arrangement of reflux pipeline and configure the reflux valve, in order to facilitate the blower no-load starting and unloading parking. The reflux pipe diameter is about the diameter of the head
        1/3 ~
        2/3. Don't let the hot gas from the blower directly receive the air inlet, and then the hot gas is cooled and then received the air inlet.
        More than two sets of parallel installation, each in charge of the valve should be configured. When in charge of the tube and tube should be taken into the main oblique way, take the oblique angle should be more than 135 degrees. Into, export conditions as far as possible to maintain the same.
        Pipe in the pipe should not be too much, but should try to avoid using 90 degrees right elbow. Do not use mutation tube or large slope tube. All pipes shall be provided with reliable support, including a double - stage inter - string take over, so as to avoid the negative loading of the fan
        Holland. The closest support to the blower is provided in the vicinity of the flexible joint of the inlet and outlet.
        Safety valve in the installation or removal process, should be to prevent the impact of the reverse check valve, so as to avoid the valve leakage. Calibration of pressure relief valve is set according to the blower nameplate pressure, no need to adjust the general situation. Safety valve can not replace pressure relief valve, a long time discharge on the gas, sealing surface is easy to damage; on the other hand the evacuation area, the pressure relief effect is limited, unless the use of safety valve configuration is large enough or a safety valve in parallel.
        Check valve should be installed in the horizontal line, as far as possible with the pipe, and pay attention to the direction of the air flow, to prevent the valve open blocked. Check valve is to prevent gas exports even together with the material together with a large number of intrusion. Common to take the reverse swing check valve can not afford to seal the role of the valve after the valve to install.
        Near the outlet end of the blower should be fitted with a pressure gauge, near the inlet end of the blower or the inlet end of the vacuum pump should be installed with a vacuum pressure gauge. When the inlet end of the blower is directly connected to the air, the inlet filter should be installed, and the negative pressure gauge is added to check the filter's obstruction.
        Cooling water pipe configuration shall be required. For enclosed water of the wet vacuum pump, the injection pressure, the best way of self-priming, content is too much easy to the vacuum pump overload and vibration and easy to enter the tank, too little water when the temperature increased.
        Power supply shall be fitted with voltage meter, current meter.
        4 operation
        This chapter deals with the general purpose blower (or vacuum pump), the special purpose is to operate according to the instructions of its use.
        Operation preparation
        The preparation work before the test run is general. According to the following procedures for the development of specific, detailed testing procedures, one by one check to start running the program. Check the connection parts have no fastening place, especially the anchor bolt fastening. Your support is complete. The protective cover shall be installed. Check the tension of the belt and the installation deviation of the belt pulley, or the coupling of the coupling to the neutral, respectively.
        1, annex
        2. Rotate the rotor with the hand in the direction of rotation, and check if the rotation is flexible.
        Place the lubricating oil to the oil level gauge provisions of gear box, the tank with the provisions of the side of. If the configuration has an external circulation cooling lubricating device, check whether the work is normal, and open. If there is a cooling pipe, back to the gas pipe, it is to check whether it has been good, while open the cooling water, back to the gas pipeline on the configuration of the valve. If there is a water, they should check whether the connection is good, but do not open the sealed water valve. If there is an inflatable seal, it should open the pneumatic valve, to maintain the pressure of inflation is higher than the outlet pressure 20- ~ 50kPa. If there is an exhaust fan, check if it is open. All opened in the outlet pipe of the valve, including valve or vent
        Drive a car
        In the no-load state point of the power supply, verify the direction of rotation. Note that the concept of no load, which is often easy to the wrong place. Roots blower load refers to the import and export of valves fully open,
        With the centrifugal fans of the concept of non load (inlet or outlet valve to close the inlet or outlet valve to close the valve is closed) on the contrary.
        For blower, the dry vacuum pump, the rotation direction is correct, no load running for half an hour, if there is no abnormal phenomenon gradually load to rated pressure into the load operation, and pay attention to lubrication is normal, with or without abnormal friction, vibration, noise and heat. In case of abnormal condition, stop immediately, find out the cause, remove the trouble, then restart.
        For wet vacuum pump, the rotation direction is correct, no load running for half an hour, according to the design requirements of water sealed valve is opened gradually load to rated pressure into the load operation, and pay attention to lubrication is normal, with or without abnormal friction, vibration, noise and heat. In case of abnormal condition, stop immediately, find out the cause, remove the trouble, then restart.
        Blower, dry vacuum pump stop, first discharge load Yajian cut off power supply. Wet vacuum pump stop, first discharge Yajian load into the idling state, cut off the water sealed, row net shell in water, to continue the operation about 10 minutes to dry moisture, after the power supply is cut off. In the cold season or frozen environment, if you can not prevent the cooling water freezing, then the tank will be in a timely manner within the cooling water cooling water.
        The blower booster should not exceed the provisions on the nameplate pressure value. Overload operation will make fans, motor damage, and even cause more serious quality accident.
        4.4.2 operation, the use of N68 anti rust turbine oil, the bearing temperature rise is not more than 75, the temperature rise is not higher than 45. When the oil temperature is higher than 70, it is recommended that the shell can withstand the pressure of 220#. Vibration of supporting bearing
        Dynamic velocity effective measures, to adjust to 13mm/s within (the standard requirements of 11.2mm/s). When the user uses the vibration amplitude
        Value (UM) to measure, be patient and meticulous work, let him accept the roots blower products of the national standard,
        Do not make the direct conversion of the vibration speed and the vibration amplitude, because of the deviation.
        Must pay attention to the operation of the power meter reading, such as abnormal sound, vibration, fever, should immediately stop check. At the same time to check the bearing temperature, lubricating oil temperature, and make a good record.
        In operation, if the safety valve is frequent or continued to open, the machine should be stopped immediately, check the system is over pressure, until the problem is solved before the test.
        Pressure gauge switch is normally closed, it is required to test the pressure to open the ball valve.
        When the system flow needs to be adjusted, it is not allowed to adjust the opening of the small valve. Regulation of Roots blower flow can be realized by shunt or within the permitted range transform speed. Frequency conversion, do not let the blower in the lowest speed of its allowed to run, this situation can easily lead to high temperature rise and rub wall panels and other failures.
        Stop when the same should be open in accordance with the above rules.
        5 about storage
        No unit shall be stored in direct sunlight, rain, sand places. In high humidity climates should be regularly make antirust processing, should be used for more than 200 DEG C, anti rust oil flash point, and follow the installation of provisions. It is worth to note that the unit still has a loss in the storage, such as rubber parts of the aging, rust is not part of the site will rust, etc.. So the blower is stored for a long time after the use, the best for a repair.

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